Our work team

Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC was started by 3 young people who, due to their great experience in the field of imports and exports, felt the need to create something that would connect needs between sellers and buyers. Thus, in June 2018, Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC began its activities as a commercial entity with a single product and a single international client.

As a result of our constant process of evolution, today we are a renowned company in the global commodities trade, with a portfolio comprising multiple raw materials, customers and geographies.

Over the years, Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC has created a nest for itself by meeting commodity needs in Latin America, North America, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Today, Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC is known as one of the leading trusted Intermediaries for buyers, processors, traders, exporters and importers of bulk agricultural products, namely sugar, edible oils, oilseeds, legumes, and a variety of specialty crops.

Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC also offers petroleum products such as: JP54, D2, D6, JET A1.

  • Offer our clients the best solutions for their business in Foreign Trade, Logistics and IMPORT and EXPORT OF PRODUCTS.

  • Promote the growth of our customers, with efficiency, transparency and personalized attention.

To be a leader in the international market and be recognized for the quality of the products we sell.

Expand the provision of our services to large, small and medium enterprises.

Satisfacer las necesidades de la cadena de suministro de los clientes, mediante la entrega de productos de alta calidad a partir de alianzas con productores, para garantizar el acceso directo a las principales fuentes de suministro a nivel mundial.

What characterizes us and distinguishes us from others.

The Alfa Dynamic Projects, LLC team is a perfect mix of experienced professionals from various sectors and combined with the Company’s vision, backed by professional competence, hard work and tireless efforts, has led to its sustainable growth.